Awesome Keynote Speakers Each Day!

We are thrilled to have three great keynote speakers lined up for the Summit!

Day 1

Keri Pilgrim Ricker, the 2019 Oregon Teacher of the Year, shares her passion in preparing the next generation

Keri Pilgrim Ricker

Keri Pilgrim Ricker has enjoyed a 11-year career in public education teaching all levels of biological sciences and is the state of Oregon's Teacher of the Year for 2019!

Guided by a quote by Maya Angelou, “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength,” her courses are designed to highlight the importance of not only biological diversity, but diversity of thought, people, ideas, and narratives. Keri has contributed to the roll out of the NGSS science standards as a coauthor of the COSA iTUNES project, creating a state standard to NGSS crosswalk with resources and tools to support developing science teachers. In 2014, Keri focused on CTE programming as an inroad to promote more diverse and equitable representation in STEM.

She received her endorsement in CTE Health Services and began to redesign courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Health Occupations to engage and provide access to underserved and underrepresented populations in her school. Her work with students and her Equity Leadership Team identified barriers to student enrollment, participation, and success in STEM and CTE. She has presented her findings at the OSTA and NWSJ conference and created school initiatives that increased enrollment and success of students of color and of “at risk” populations.

She has worked to create a collaborative network of healthcare professionals, non-profits, families, and post-secondary institutions to create complex and realistic healthcare simulation units designed to target student career interests and facilitates the connection of each student with a professional mentor in their chosen field. Keri currently leads Churchill High School’s Health Services Pathway in Eugene, Oregon.

Day 2

Karen McCullough shares her insights and humor making the topic Generations in the workplace come alive!

Karen McCullough

Karen McCullough opens conferences, meetings and minds. Her clients call her, “A Shot of Energy!” And she generates the most fun you’ll ever have while learning. YOU will be entertained, inspired and prepared for the future.

Karen knows people, knows trends and she knows how these trends affect how people live, work and connect. Through her study of generational differences, inclusion and social trends, she has tapped into an innovative model that opens people’s minds to change.

Karen McCullough believes employee engagement and transformational change are today’s top business issues. Attracting and keeping talented employees requires more than a title and a paycheck. Consequently, when people work in a culture of engagement they feel connected, protected, and respected.

Karen began her career as the youngest employee at an upscale department store in Cleveland, Ohio, where her mother worked as the first female credit manager. She worked her way up in a number of roles for the company. Over time she became a sales associate in women’s fashion, and later in menswear. In the early days, Karen worked for two of the world’s most powerful fashion brands: Ralph Lauren and The Limited. This is when she first started analyzing the internal culture of large organizations — both for what fuels them and for what holds them back. She applied what she learned and then launched her own retail business.

Karen was the owner and CEO for 17 years, therefore it is easy to see why “Working with the Generations” is her area of expertise. She is an expert hiring, working with and selling to younger generations! In 1997, after selling the business, Karen became a retail marketing and branding consultant. For the next three years, she energized business owners and executives to approach their work and their life with a fresh, new attitude. Karen developed key strategies for growth, positioning her clients for future success.

Day 3

Josh Davies inspires his audiences to take ideas to action–and making a brighter future for companies and employees

Josh Davies

Josh Davies is passionate about helping others make a difference in their lives, jobs, and community. Through his work as a speaker and trainer, he has engaged and encouraged professionals across North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

An in-demand speaker, Josh gives keynote presentations and workshops to dozens of education, workforce, and corporate events annually. In preparation for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, he led the training for all 10,000 volunteers and more than 4,000 local service professionals for the event. Training Magazine named him as one of the top 10 trainers under 40 in America and the Denver Business Journal tapped him as one of Denver’s 40 Under 40.

Davies is currently the CEO of The Center for Work Ethic Development, an organization committed to developing workplace skills in the global workforce. Partnering with organizations in 47 states and 8 countries, they equip trainers to build the workforce of the 21st Century. An avid runner, Josh has been awarded the Mile High Energy Award by Visit Denver, and an honorary Doctorate of Foodservice by the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers Association for his contributions to the industry. He has been appointed by the Governor to serve a second term on the Executive Board of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, and to Chair the State Education and Training Steering Committee. He also chairs the P-Tech Selection Committee for Colorado, and serves on the board of the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative. Josh previously served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, was President of the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART), and co-chaired the Colorado State Youth Council.

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